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Eligible High School Students can complete Math 1151: Calculus 1 and Math 1152: Calculus 2 in a hybrid or online format at The Ohio State University through the College Credit Plus program.

Information about Hybrid and Online Calculus

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The Ohio State Math Department will offer a Flipped and Flexible Calculus class for Calculus 1: Math 1151 and Calculus 2: Math 1152 each fall and spring semester. (These courses are part of the State of Ohio Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG) Program, which means that these credits are automatically accepted for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 in all Ohio public colleges and universities and will be highly likely to transfer to any college or university.)

This Flipped and Flexible Calculus class will be modeled after the flipped classroom approach. This means that students will watch videos and do activities online before attending class to prepare for the days class. Then, during class time, students will actively work on math problems, engage in discussions, and work in groups.

Students in the hybrid sections of the course have in person recitation classes. Students who are unable to attend in person (such as working off campus, being on a regional campus, being at a high school, or being a distance student) should enroll in the online recitation sections. Online students will attend the same recitations at the same times as in-person students, but will join in through an online web-conferencing tool.

Exams are common across all sections of the course, including the Flipped and Flexible sections. Flipped and Flexible students will take online assessments in the same manner as students in other sections of the course. Students in hybrid sections must take any in-person assessments on the OSU main campus. Online students may take in-person at Ohio State or at their local high school or other local test proctoring site. Ohio State regional campus students may make arrangements with their regional math learning centers to take the exams there. Other distance students may take exams at approved testing centers such as local community colleges; students are responsible for all fees associated with such testing centers.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Miller.

How does the Flipped and Flexible Course Set-Up differ from the in-person course?

  • Same exams as other Math 1151 or Math 1152 sections,
  • Similar quizzes and homework to other Math 1151 or Math 1152 sections
  • Online activities and videos instead of lecture
  • Interactive and groupwork-based recitations
  • Online or in-person recitations (in-person is strongly recommended for on campus students)
  • Variety of recitation times


On campus students must take common, in-person Ohio Stateevening exams. Distance students may make arrangements to take in-person exams at approved proctoring locations.

  1. Apply
    • High school students who are interested in taking this course must apply and be accepted to Ohio State's post-secondary institution,the OSU Academy.
      • OSU Academy application deadlines are as follows:
        • Intent to participate in Post-Secondary classes: return form to your HS by March 1
        • Autumn semester (begins in August): apply by May 1
        • Spring semester (begins in January): apply by November 1
    • Other Non-OSU students such as students who would like to transfer credit back to their home institution should apply at OSU Extended Education
      • For tuition information, please follow the link and then click on "All other students" and then "All other Programs (ALL distance learning courses)" under the semester you are interested in.
  2. Enroll
    • Contact the OSU Math Advising Office to have your course prerequisites checked and for assistance enrolling in the course.
    • Check Upcoming Online Math Courses or the OSU Schedule of Classes to see the most recent offerings of this course. (In the OSU Schedule of Classes, under subject, choose Mathematics. Under "Additional Search Criteria", go to "Mode of Instruction" and choose "Distance Learning", "Distance Enhanced", or "Hybrid Delivery" to find online and Flipped and Flexible classes.)
    • There must be open seats in the course to enroll. Students who have been admitted to the OSU Academy or OSU Extended Education, are hoping to take this course from a distance, and know which sections they would like to attend are encouraged to contact as soon as they are admitted with this information.
  3. Attend
    • Students will work on online activities on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to prepare them for class sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Class sessions will be held in person at Ohio State and will also be held in Ohio State’s online webinar tool.
    • High school students and Distance Students will be able to hear the Ohio State instructor, see what the instructor is writing or showing, and communicate back to the instructor via chat box or using a microphone. High school students will be expected to show their work on class problems through writing/typing on the computer screen or taking photos of their work and uploading them in Carmen Connect.
    • Class dates will follow the Ohio State calendar.
    • Students may be required to take in-person exams for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2. These exams may be administered at their local high school or at another approved location such as a local university, community college, or testing center. More information about proctoring options is available in the OSU Teaching and Learning Resource Center.

College Credit Plus Students may complete these hybrid/online courses complete entirely from their High School.

Who is eligible for this program? How do students enroll?

High school students who what been admitted to the OSU Academy and who also meet the OSU Math Department requirements for enrolling in Math 1151: Calculus I or Math 1152: Calculus 2 may enroll in these courses through College Credit Plus.

Do students get college credit?

Yes, students are awarded Ohio State credit for Math 1151 or Math 1152 upon successful completion of the course. This credit is widely transferable, including transferring to all Ohio public colleges and universities.

What does a high school have to provide for students to take this course?

The high school must provide the following:

  1. A time period available for students to take this course
  2. A site coordinator (not necessarily a math teacher)
  3. A space for the course to take place with sufficient computer and internet access. This means students must be able to access online course content without being prevented from doing so by high school internet firewalls.
  • For Tuesday/Thursday class sessions, students should have access to a computer with internet and headphones with a microphone so that they can hear the class and speak to the class. No instructor from the high school is needed during the recitation time for this set-up.
  • For schools with multiple students in the same recitation and a teacher overseeing the group, students may have individual computers or may use a common teacher computer connected to a projector. If a common teacher computer is used, the teacher will have to have individual students come up to the microphone in the teacher computer to ask questions or present their problem to the class.
  • If the students are going to watch the online lessons during the school day, each student will need an individual computer with headphones on MWF. The students can also be asked to do this at home.

What does the site coordinator do?

The site coordinator is the local high school contact for this course. The site coordinator either does the following tasks or finds someone to fulfill the following tasks at your high school:

  • Ensuring the students have access to the appropriate technology, working correctly, from the first day of the course
  • Supervising the students during their class period to be sure they are on task and to help with any technical problems.
  • Communicating any issues to the Ohio State course lecturer.
  • Proctoring student in-person assessments following Ohio State policies, and returns exams back to Ohio State via email or fax.

Does it matter how many students from my high school participate?

No, you have one student or multiple students. These class sessions will include group work. Zoom can be used to group students from various high schools or to group high school students with in person OSU students. It is really nice when there are multiple students from your school taking the class during the same class time. Then these students can work together as a group and can support each other while attempting the online content.

What time are class sessions?

Class sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are 55 minutes long. Students can sign up for class sessions which begin at the standard OSU start times:8:00, 9:10, 10:20, 11:30, 12:40, 1:50, 3:00, 4:10. (Note: While we attempt to have as many time periods available as possible, it is not always possible to offer all time periods for both courses every semester. If your school would like a particular time period to be offered, please contact as early as possible with this request.)

NOTE: High school students may attend the online recitation sessions from home before or after the school day as long as appropriate arrangements for exam proctoring are made.

The student must take in-person assessments in a proctored environment at the high school on the appropriate days. (The exams need not be administered during the recitation class time.) Alternately, the student may come to Ohio State and take the exam with their classmates.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Miller.

College Credit Plus | Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center (2024)
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