Conan exiles interactive map 2021 (2024)



Conan exiles interactive map 2021 (2)

The three new biomes added to the Isle of Siptah have their own unique qualities. The floodlands in the middle are a mix of low-lying flood plains and heavily eroded mountains. This offers many desirable and defensible building locations on the mountain tops, where you can build your castle up high and dominate the areas below.

Conan exiles interactive map 2021 (3)

On the Island of Dusk, you will find many volcanic vents, filling the area with fire and an ever-present cloud of ash. The Black Corsairs have settled here, their gruesome camps warning off intruders with gibbets and impaled corpses. You can also encounter the surviving remnants of the ancient humans who used to live on the island in the ashlands. They live in primitive camps and are called the First Men.

Conan exiles interactive map 2021 (4)

Though they are strong and aggressive many have devolved to such a primeval state that they can hardly be called men any longer. Stygian mercenaries have colonized the new savannah area on the Island of Dawn in the east. They have landed in force and you can see powerful ships anchored outside their harbor camps. The sunny savannah introduces new animals, but much of it is under the control of the Grey Ones. These enigmatic and dangerous creatures inhabit massive ancient ruins and in their capital you can find three murky pools which radiate power. You can now experience a new feature which is tied to the pools found in the cities of the Grey Ones. In the many new camps spread around Isle of Siptah you can find mysterious figurines. Make sure to pick them up! Many of the figurines are of the terrible creatures from the outer void, though a few are of creatures new to the island.įight your way through the powerful Grey Ones guarding the greatest of the ancient ruins in the savannah, to make it to the pools. The area is filled with mystical energy and in front of each pool you will find a plinth. Place one of the figurines you have collected on the plinth but be ready for a brutal challenge! This new mechanic allows you to summon and fight against the creatures you have collected as figurines and to get your hands on powerful rewards. The environment settings have been greatly improved on Isle of Siptah with this update. The new sky is much brighter and bluer than the old one and the clouds are new and much more detailed as well. These changes bring more color to the island and regions which used to be quite dark are now filled with light. We hope you will enjoy a more colorful Isle of Siptah! This is especially noticeable around the tower in the center of the island, but most other areas have gotten considerably brighter as well. Whether you are playing on Isle of Siptah or in the Exiled Lands you can now learn the Zath religion and become one of the spider god’s worshippers. Open discussion is encouraged, but your Mods reserve the right to remove posts containing weird gross stuff or other objectionable material.Īll general Reddit rules also apply.Use the venom-infused blood of your enemies in rituals, and build terrifying altars to the glory of Zath, and you will be granted unique rewards, such as weapons, clothing and even an orb which summons a spider when thrown. We understand you've spent resources on setting up your community server, but we want to keep this subreddit focused on discussion of the game.Īll posts, comments, and links submitted to this subreddit do not necessarily reflect the views of Conan Properties Intl., Funcom, their staff, or affiliates. Please do not publicly explain how to perform exploits against other players. If you have an exploit to report, please PM the moderator team instead. Hyboria is a savage world, but this subreddit doesn't have to be. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.īe mindful of others. If you have criticism, please express it in a civil manner. Pointless flaming or bashing isn't helpful. Server advertisem*nts belong on /r/ConanExilesServers.īe constructive. Keep posts relevant to Conan Exiles and the world of Hyboria. OUT NOW on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Our Official Rulesīe on topic. r/ConanExiles is the official subreddit for Conan Exiles, the open-world survival game set in Robert E.


Conan exiles interactive map 2021 (2024)


Will Conan Exiles map expand? ›

The Exiled Lands will not be expanded except possible small dungeons. The map is as big as it can get and have consoles handle it. The area in the NE has some dungeons in it.

How many maps are there for Conan Exiles? ›

Conan exiles remains a very good survival game but for players who started playing it from early access (and who visited every pixel of the two maps ) there is nothing more to do there (if we play PVE). I hope a new map will be released one day.

Is there a friendly city in Conan Exiles? ›

Description. Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters, formerly known as Set City, is a large neutral NPC location in Conan Exiles and serves as the headquarters of the Relic Hunters faction. The majority of NPCs in this city have a neutral status toward the player, meaning they will not attack unless provoked.

Is there an end goal to Conan Exiles? ›

The end game objective of the vanilla game is for your character to escape the Exiled Lands by crafting the keystone, with survival being another primary focus seeing that this is a survival video game. The Keystone As part of the storyline, a magical bracelet has been afixed to your character's arm (…

Can you take over a village in Conan Exiles? ›

there is no mechanic for taking over a village you just build in what ever area you can and the village are just NPC vending machine for your empire.

Can you unlock everything in Conan Exiles? ›

Yes, there are mods that allow you to unlock everything, and as mentioned above there are Fragments of Power in base game that drop from bosses in Unnamed City and can also be found in special chests around the Unnamed City.

How many people still play Conan Exiles? ›

Conan Exiles
MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days5,700.810,087
June 20245,773.810,087
May 20246,428.510,776
April 20247,814.615,152
94 more rows

How many hours of gameplay is Conan Exiles? ›

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Main Story1641h 51m
Main + Extras20124h 34m
Completionist13152h 3m
All PlayStyles49104h 51m

What is the strongest tame in Conan Exiles? ›

The Greater Sabretooth exhibits remarkable power and resilience, making it an exceptional pet option. With approximately 7,700 hit points, a 300% melee damage bonus, and the capability to cause bleeding, the Greater Sabretooth efficiently dispatches foes.

What is the best PVE location in Conan Exiles? ›

That's why the best options for players to build a PVE base are at The Hand of the Maker and The Unnamed City. At The Hand of the Maker, there is a decent amount of resources and passive animals that will supply food, making this location ideal for those wanting to learn the ropes at a slower pace.

Does race in Conan Exiles matter? ›

Race is purely cosmetic and any diety is good. You can eventually learn all the religions though and can get the benefits later on.

How big is the Conan Exiles map? ›

To put that into perspective, the map of Conan Exiles, a shared world survival game, was a mere 54 square kilometers. Even the vast open world of Valheim, another popular survival game, was only approximately 314 square kilometers.

Where should I go in Conan Exiles? ›

Choosing the Best Starting Location in Conan Exiles

The river valley in the center of the map is ideal for new exiles. It's lush, green, and full of basic resources like stone, wood, and plant fiber to craft your first weapons and shelter.

Is there a limit to how much you can build in Conan Exiles? ›

Buildings once placed cannot be moved, but they can be manually destroyed and will give back some of the build requirement in items. There are no building width limit, but there is a limit to how high you can go.

Can you max everything in Conan Exiles? ›

At that point, you will have a total of 60 AP and you will not earn any more thereafter. This is an intentional design feature of the game. You cannot maximize all attributes and instead you will need to find a balance of attributes that serves your play style.

What is the new Conan Exiles expansion? ›

Isle of Siptah is a massive expansion to the open world survival game Conan Exiles, featuring a vast new island to explore, huge and vile new creatures to slay, new building sets and a host of new features.

How big is Conan Exiles world? ›

For comparison the actual mapsize in Conan Exiles is about 44 sq km.

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