Here's the truth about Corinna Kopf - TheNetline (2024)

Social media has become a great way for people to achieve fame. However, it’s not as easy as starting a social media account and waiting for fame. You need to create likable content and have a good connection with fans. A beautiful personality will also go a long way in securing success.

Corinna Kopf has all of these personalities and more. She is hugely successful on social media, and she has a multitude of followers across different platforms. Kopf is famous for her engaging content, and several controversial moments.

She started her YouTube journey in 2015

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Corinna Kopf was born on 1st December 1995 in Palatine, Illinois. Most of her family members are American, but she also has German roots. Before making her move on social media, Corinna worked as a nanny in Malibu. Corinna had dreams of becoming a veterinary physician, but her dreams changed when she joined social media.

Kopf stepped onto the social media scene on 18th August 2012 via Instagram. She gained a lot of popularity, and she branched out into Twitter. Corinna’s fans encouraged her to start a YouTube channel, and on 3rd June 2016, her channel went live. Corinna’s success on social media encouraged her to drop out of school.

Kopf’s first YouTube appearance was on a channel known as Second Class. The channel is owned by her friend Jack Dytrych. Most people initially thought that Kopf’s first YouTube appearance was in a video with David Dobrik. Kopf clarified the matter on her first YouTube video posted in 2017.

Corinna posts all manner of photos on her channel. Her most popular videos are her story time videos. She is very open with her fans, and she doesn’t shy away from discussing topics such as sexuality.

Kopf also collaborates with other YouTubers including Franny Arieta, Josh Peck, Nick Bean, Zane Hijazi, and other famous YouTubers. Corinna also works as the personal assistant for actor, Taylor Caniff.

She was recently banned from Twitch for wearing revealing clothing

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Kopf was recently banned from Twitch for the video she posted during her birthday. She was speaking to fans on the video, and she wore a tank top from Chanel that Twitch claimed to be against their policies. Kopf announced her frustrations via a series of posts on Twitter.

She referred to Twitch as lame before posting a Tweet that said; “I got banned tonight on twitch for wearing ‘undergarments’ … I was wearing a chanel tank top, girls body paint on twitch and I get banned for that lmfao.”

Corinna then threatened to post her nipples on Twitter. She didn’t follow up on her light-hearted threat, and it looks like she was just mocking Twitch for their inconsistent content rules. She posted another tweet stating;

“remember someone threw their cat but I got banned for wearing a cute top.”

This isn’t the first time that Twitch has come under fire for banning content creators from their platform. Twitch might have to change its policies due to increased pressure from fans and creators alike.

The recent controversy between Twitch and Kopf will only increase the focus on the under-fire streaming platform. It’s unclear how long the ban from Twitch will be or whether she plans to return to the platform.

She is in a relationship with Fortnite pro Turner Tenney

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Corinna and Turner are in a very public relationship, and they don’t mind revealing the details about their relationship on social media. The couple has revealed may intimate details about their love life including their experiments in the bedroom, and recently the size of Turners member.

It is unclear whether these revelations are true, but viewers love watching the videos. The couple publicly announced their relationship in March 2019, thus ending speculation about a relationship between Corinna and Logan Paul.

She broke up with Toddy Smith before starting a rumored relationship with Logan Paul

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Corinna’s started her relationship with her fellow Instagram personality Toddy Smith in 2018. They started dating in 2017, and they had a public relationship before ending it after a year. Kopf was then linked to social media personality Jack Dail and controversial YouTuber Logan Paul.

The rumors emerged in early 2018 when the couple was spotted getting intimate at a basketball game. Logan and Corinna wore matching yellow tops and denim jeans. Logan Paul is known for his YouTube videos and his controversial moments.

Paul caused controversy in early 2019 when he stated that he would go gay in March as part of his New Year resolutions. Rumors about a relationship between the couple ended when Kopf confirmed her relationship with Turner.

Here's the truth about Corinna Kopf - TheNetline (2024)
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