Tiësto and Lucas & Steve collaborate on the electrifying single “Zenless” with Silent Child, serving as the official soundtrack to the highly anticipated urban fantasy action role-playing game – Zenless Zone Zero, available on PlayStation 5, PC, iOS and A (2024)

In a collaboration of epic proportions, Grandmother-winner Tiesto and his companions Dutch duo Lucas and Steve let’s join forces to “Without zen”, an electrifying theme song for HoYoverseThe highly anticipated urban fantasy action role-playing game fromZero zone without zenwho had more than 40M pre-registrations before its launch. This dark, genre-melting techno masterpiece transcends boundaries, merging TiestoThe legendary rhythms of Big Room with Lucas and Steve‘s cutting-edge futuristic soundscapes. Infused with the very essence of “Zero zone without zen”, the track pulses with samples from the game’s vibrant world, where towering skyscrapers pierce neon-drenched skies and the thrill of adventure hangs in the air. Prepare to be transported to the heart of New Eriduthe last bastion of humanity, fighting enigmatic supernatural catastrophes called “Hollow“with every pulse beat of”Without zen“This anthem is not just music; it is a portal – a sonic gateway ready to transport you into a world brimming with danger, mystery and exhilarating possibility.”Without zen” is now available on all streaming platforms via Rotating discs/Musical freedom in collaboration with HoYoverse – a leader in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming technology, known for gaming products such as Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, The Tears of Themisand more. Zero zone without zen launched on July 4 hereunleashing its urban fantasy magic across PlayStation 5, PC, iOSAnd Androidaccompanied by Tiesto And Lucas and Steve” “Without zen” Single. Prepare to navigate dangerous waters Hollowa post-apocalyptic labyrinth filled with challenges and rewards. Assemble your team of unique characters, each with their own fighting style and personality, and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the neon glow of New Eridu.

This is our second collaboration with Tiestoand we are always very inspired to work with him. It was always a dream to create an anthem for a game, so when HoYoverse request Tiesto and us to make this song for them, it was a dream come true. We love Zero zone without zenand we can’t wait to see this anthem come out.” – Lucas and Steve


GRAMMY® Awards-winner, platinum-certified, international icon, Tiesto count more 8B global streams across all platforms, 36 million and more total record sales, 30 million and more social audience and more 160 million TikToks video views on users. The DJ and producer is the only artist to ever hold the titles of “The greatest DJ of all time” Courtesy of Mixmag, #1 DJ according to Rolling stoneAnd “The Godfather of EDMas proclaimed Billboard. From his underground dance floor hits to his high-profile songs Las Vegas residency and cross-success, Tiesto created the blueprint that defines what it means to succeed in today’s dance music world.

Lucas and Steve

As saying that, Lucas and Steve have gained worldwide fame for their energetic DJ performances while delivering an impressive string of hit songs that explore the boundaries between wild festival anthems and precious pop gems. Evolving from their club hits of the late 10s, the duo have gone on to release full-fledged chart successes including “Perfect” (exploit. Haris), their reworking of the 90s hit “No dignity” with R&B icons Black streettheir huge team with Afrojack And Dubvision for one of the biggest anthems of 2021 “Anywhere with you“and favorite 2023”After midnight.” Following their successes in early 2024 “When I wake up” And “End of timewho are still gaining traction with millions of streams as we speak, the guys are now in the middle of a festival.

Silent child

Silent child has become a highly respected artist, with hit singles like “Kiss my ass” collecting millions of streams on various platforms. Born in GeorgiaHe used music as a means of self-expression after being diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome at a young age. This passion propelled his career, reaching hundreds of millions of streams in just five years in the industry. Despite global challenges, Silent child released some of his most popular tracks, including “Super evil” And “Me and my demons. “These songs, along with the support of trendsetters and Youtube chains like Mr. Sheep Suicidehas greatly expanded his reach, introducing his music to millions of people. His releases on major labels such as Monster Cat, Columbia RecordsAnd CloudKid have further strengthened his presence on the music scene. He continues to release hit singles with DREAMERS, Besamorph, AViVAand more, Silent child now teamed up with Prim8 Music and make what he considers to be the best music to date.


HAS HoYoverseThey are committed to creating immersive virtual world experiences for gamers around the world. In addition to gaming products such as Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, The Tears of Themis, Honkai: Star RailAnd Zero zone without zen, HoYoverse also launched the live wallpaper software N0va Officethe community hubHoYoLABand has created a variety of products such as animations, comics, music, novels and merchandise featuring original creative concepts. Adhering to their mission of “Tech Otakus Save the WorldThey have always been committed to research and development, exploration of cutting-edge technologies and accumulation of technical capabilities in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming technology and other fields. HoYoverse is actively engaged in globalization, with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seouland other areas.

Rotating discs/Musical freedom

As the world’s leading dance label, Rotating discs focuses on the areas in which electronic dance music lives, is embraced and provides a fundamental element of the experience. Rotating discs seeks to collaborate with other brands to continuously provide their fans with great content and new innovations and to connect in the best possible way with our music, events and artists, which include Tiesto And Lucas and Steve. In August 2009, Tiesto based Musical freedoma sub-label of Rotating discs.

Tiësto and Lucas & Steve collaborate on the electrifying single “Zenless” with Silent Child, serving as the official soundtrack to the highly anticipated urban fantasy action role-playing game – Zenless Zone Zero, available on PlayStation 5, PC, iOS and A (2024)
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